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Bird Hut Inc.

Our Birds as of 9/12/2023


At Bird Hut, we carry a wide variety of different species - from small finches to large macaws! We take pride in our hand-raised babies, as well as our "second chance" adults.

Green Wing Macaw

9 year old female Green Wing Macaw. Plucker, particular about who she likes. Vet checked. $2,500.00


Blue Quaker 
approx 1 y/o 
Sweet but a little shy



Opaline green Quaker
 years old. 
Very nice - talks a little
DNA'd female


African Grey - 24 years old. Very sweet boy! Nervous.  

4 y/o Red Lored Amazon - very cool bird but LOUD. Prefers women.


5 & 7 year old pair of Sun Conures. Friendly birds.
$1,500.00 together

Blue & Gold Macaw - 23 years old. A little hand shy but learning! 

Turquoise Quaker approx. 1y/o - shy but will warm up.

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