Our Birds

Bird Hut Inc.



At Bird Hut we carry a large variety of exotic birds  from Finches to Macaws!


 At Bird Hut we raise and hand feed many baby birds of all kinds, but we choose not to breed or raise Macaws and large Cockatoos. There are just too many unwanted Macaws and large Cockatoos out there, so we choose to rehome as many as we can and not add to the problem.


  You can see the babies we are raising 


    These are the birds we have available​ as of March 2020

                       Red Fronted Macaw


                             12 Months old    


     Large cage available for extra charge

   Alexandrine Parakeet


             15 Years old


                           Guinan Toucanet


Not tame but will eat fruit out of your hand


    Yellow Nape Amazons


    H.D. 1/6, 1/8, & 1/10/20

         White Belly Caiques

                 $1300.00 ea.

  H.D.  11/22, 11/24, & 11/30/19

           Still handfeeding

      Opaline Green Quaker


                5 Years old


           Canary Wing Parakeets
                     Young & sweet                         Not hand fed but easily tameable!                            $250.00 ea.
                        5 available

      Opaline Green Quaker

               9 months old



     Several colors available

                     Hand fed

                   $225.00 ea.

Small Birds