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Bird Hut Inc.

At Bird Hut, we carry a wide variety of different species - from small finches to large macaws! We take pride in our hand-raised babies, as well as our "second chance" adults.


8-9 year old female Green Wing Macaw. Plucker, particular about who she likes. Vet checked. $2,500.00

new harlequin.jpg

20 year old male Harlequin (hybrid) Macaw. Needs a confident, experienced owner. 


 23 year old Blue Fronted Amazon. Needs work on stepping-up nicely. $750.00 WITH CAGE


       12 year old African Grey

               In good feather.
           $2500.00 WITH CAGE

                       19 Years old
She had a recent stressful situation that caused her to pluck, we believe she's stopped and should get back to beautiful again!
                  Very sweet bird!



                34 Year old Goffin's Cockatoo
                  Friendly, perfect feather!


   Garnet & Izzy
Bonded pair- must go together
$3000.00 for the pair


Macaw pair.jpg

Small Birds