Bird Hut Inc.

Our Birds as of 8/1/2022


At Bird Hut, we carry a wide variety of different species - from small finches to large macaws! We take pride in our hand-raised babies, as well as our "second chance" adults.

Green Wing Macaw

9 year old female Green Wing Macaw. Plucker, particular about who she likes. Vet checked. $2,500.00

Lucy the eclectus2.jpg


5 year old female Eclectus - in gorgeous feather! I am a little particular about who I like but will make a good pet in an experienced home.

I come with a nice 32" playtop cage.
$2,500 cage and bird.

Blue & Gold Macaw


7 year old female Blue and Gold Macaw. Growing new feathers VERY quickly! Needs an experienced new owner. 



Bonded pair of Patagonian Conures, MUST STAY TOGETHER! Wonderful birds, loud when excited. Enjoy human company or can be independent. 
Roxy: 22 y/o male (partially blind)
Cliff: 7 y/o female

$1,500.00 TOGETHER

     Red Sided Eclectus
             25 Years old

Panama Amazon

3 year old Panama Yellow Fronted Amazon.

Blue and Gold Macaw
  Approx. 25 Years old

blue and Gold Macaw