Bird Hut Inc.

Our Birds as of 3/4/2022...


At Bird Hut, we carry a wide variety of different species - from small finches to large macaws! We take pride in our hand-raised babies, as well as our "second chance" adults.

Green Wing Macaw

9 year old female Green Wing Macaw. Plucker, particular about who she likes. Vet checked. $2,500.00

Lucy the eclectus2.jpg


5 year old female Eclectus - in gorgeous feather! I am a little particular about who I like but will make a good pet in an experienced home.

I come with a nice 32" playtop cage.
$2,500 cage and bird.

Blue & Gold Macaw


7 year old female Blue and Gold Macaw. Growing new feathers VERY quickly! Needs an experienced new owner. 




Approx. 25 year old  African Grey
very sweet !



Bonded pair of Patagonian Conures, MUST STAY TOGETHER! Wonderful birds, loud when excited. Enjoy human company or can be independent. 
Roxy: 22 y/o male (partially blind)
Cliff: 7 y/o female

$1,500.00 TOGETHER


3 year old Panama Yellow Fronted Amazon.


Young -