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Bird  Hut Inc.


Small bird flights

Extra large

European style

Dometop cages

Small bird cages

Playtop cages

  Our large showroom has many sizes and styles to choose from. Playtops, dometops, open tops, and corner cages are some of the styles available to house your bird in style and comfort.

  Wrought iron, wire, aluminum, and stainless steel gives you many choices to find the right cage to fit your budget!

  Whether you have Finches, Macaws, or anything in between, we have the right cage for you! 

 Most cages come in a variety of colors and can be purchased assembled or boxed. 

  We also carry a large selection of playstands including metal, Manzanita, and Java wood.


Metal playstands

Java wood stands

Corner cages

Aluminum cages

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